The National Nuclear Research Institute (NNRI) of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) was established in 1963 by Act 204. It operates as one of the institutes under the Commission. It derives its major role and objectives from the functions prescribed in Act 588 of 2000. The Institute is responsible for the operation of all nuclear facilities in Ghana.

Vision statement

The National Nuclear Research Institute vision is to become an Institution of excellence in the application and peaceful utilization of nuclear science and technology for the welfare, safety and security of Ghana

Mission statement

To develop and promote the peaceful utilization of nuclear technologies for socio-economic development through research, training, and commercialization.

Key Functions

The National Nuclear Research Institute’s mandate is to promote and strengthen nuclear science and technology for socio-economic development of Ghana through training, research and development (R&D) as well as commercialization of its R&D activities


The Institute comprises eight (8) research Centres, an Administration, Accounts and Audit in addition to the Scientific Information and Technology Transfer Unit (SITTU).  The Centres are listed as follows:


  • Water Resources Research Centre (WRRC)
  • Environmental Resources Research (ERRC)
  • Nuclear and Analytical Chemistry Research Centre (NACRC)
  • Nuclear Applications Centre (NAC)
  • Accelerator Research Centre (ARC)
  • Nuclear Reactors Research Centre (NRRC)
  • National Data Centre (NDC)
  • Engineering Services Centre (ESC)