The Water Resources Research Centre (WRRC) came into being in March 2021 after the Nuclear Chemistry and Environmental Research Centre (NCERC) was split into three. The Centre currently has one major laboratory referred to as the National Isotope Hydrology Laboratory (NIHL). The NIHL has two main sections. These are

  • Hydrochemistry section
  • Isotope hydrology section


We intend to develop two more sections to be responsible for groundwater modelling and geochemical work in the mining related areas. These sections will be known as:

  • Groundwater Modeling Section and
  • Geochemistry Section


Our research interest.

Groundwater quality, groundwater recharge and contamination, groundwater/surface water monitoring, use of isotopes in water resources management.


Our Services

  • Water quality analysis
  • borehole drilling and constructions.
  • Research
  • hosting students on internships


Our client

  • NGOs
  • Mining companies
  • water bottling companies
  • beverages companies
  • district assemblies
  • individuals